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Why do you think theology is worthwhile?

Why have you, who have felt in some secret place of your heart
the call to serve God in his Church, come here?
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"I attempt to communicate to my students my conviction
that what we are handling in lectures and discussions,
is not just knowledge useful for ministry,
but, rather, the very Word of Life
uttered by God for the salvation of the world."
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Real, burning, complex questions are being asked,
which deserve careful, considered, nuanced responses:

Is Christ the savior of all peoples, even of the great majority
of Asia’s population which is not Christian?
Can one still speak of an objective truth in religion and ethics
in a globalized, culturally pluralistic, post-modern world?
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"I hope I lead my students to glimpse even a bit
of the transcendent beauty of God’s truth,
a beauty that I pray awakens in their hearts
delight, worship, love—in short, a transformed existence."
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A Jesuit, Filipino, and Asian Ecclesiastical Faculty of Theology

Sunday, February 07, 2016

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