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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Course Offerings
First Semester course offerings and descriptions can be viewed here.
Valid Visa Requirement for International Students
International students are gently reminded that only those with valid Student, Missionary, Special Non-Immigrant (EAPI) or Special Study Permit visas whose visa information are properly recorded in their respective LST-ISIS accounts will be allowed to undergo advisement, enlistment and enrollment procedures in the First Semester. Those who have not yet done so should therefore submit a photocopy of their valid visa to the LST Secretary or email a scanned copy to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in order to have their LST-ISIS visa records updated and thus be cleared for advisement.
Important Dates
Start of Self-Advisement at isis.lst.edu (out of campus) or (in campus)
June 25, Saturday
9 am
Online Enlistment and Sectioning at LST’s ISIS - for all LST students
July 25, Monday
9:00 am-11:59 pm
Online Enlistment at Ateneo's AISIS - for MA and PhD students only
July 27, Wednesday
August 1-3, Mon-Wed
Time: TBA
Regular LST Enrollment
Seminarians and Sisters whose communities have charge accounts at LST and who have completed their advisement and online enlistment at isis.lst.edu need not come over to LST to enroll.
Community representatives are requested to deposit their confreres' LST ID's to the Multi-Media Personnel (Jerry and Juvel) during enrollment period. Validated ID's can be claimed during the first week of classes.
August 2-4
8:30-11:30 am
1:30-4:30 pm
The Cashier will close at 12 noon and 5 pm.
     STL, STD, Non-Degree
     Certificate, BPMCEFAM
August 2, Tuesday
     MA (non-seminarians), PhD
August 3, Wednesday
     Free for All
August 4, Thursday
Late LST Registration (with fine)
August 5, Friday
Opening of Classes
August 8, Monday

How to Activate Your LST-ISIS Account

1. Go to isis.lst.edu (out of campus) or (in campus) preferably using Google Chrome.

2. Username: lastnamefirstname. All lower case, no space, no punctuation, first name only in case one has other names, e.g., bergogliojorge

3. Password: LST ID number. No punctuation, no space, e.g., 20151111; immediately change your password after activating your account. The "Change Password" button is located under the "Home" tab, at the left-hand bottom part of the screen.

For assistance, kindly contact Jerry Orio or Juvel Borrel of the Multi-Media Center at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 426-6430 local 3611.
Self-Advisement in LST-ISIS

Students intending to take courses at LST are required to accomplish the self-advisement module at isis.lst.edu or
In planning their semester's course work, students must assume responsibility for monitoring their own progress toward graduation and the fulfillment of requirements. MA and PhD students should verify their own academic records at AISIS (Ateneo Integrated Student Information System) against their respective degree program requirements. Click here for the requirements of the various degree programs.

How to Self-Advise in LST-ISIS
1. Enter your isis account and click on the "Self-Advise" tab. For STB students, choose your year level in the prospectus (1 to 4). Your prescribed courses in the STB curriculum will appear.
2. Click on your program or programs. For each program, drag a recommended course in your prospectus from the right to the section on "Advised Courses" on the left side of the screen. Or specify a Course Field utilizing the drop down menu (Systematic, Biblical, Moral Theology, etc.) then click the Search icon. Or search the catalogue number or course title directly at the top-center section of the screen then click the green + or add button.
Theo 200-level courses are alloted for MA and STB students; Theo 300-level courses for STL, STD and PhD students; Sp for Professional Diploma in Family Ministries; MTP for Certificate in Migration; BPM for Certificate in Basic Pastoral Ministry; SS for MA and PhD Biblical Exegesis.

Electives in the STB Program are those courses which are not required in the STB curriculum, i.e., courses which are not listed in the STB plan of study (click here). Hebrew, Greek and Latin may count as electives in the STB Program. Electives in the MA, STL and PhD programs are those courses which do not belong to one's chosen field of concentration.
In LST-ISIS, ​​MA and PhD students are also assigned with the "NonCert" or Non-Certificate Program. It is from this Program that they advise themselves in non-Ateneo courses​, i.e. courses that are only available at LST. These are​ Theo Meth​ (Methods and Materials of Research)​, PrEng​ (Propaedeutic English)​, Theo Syn​ MA (MA Compre Exam Review)​, Spa 201​ (Spanish and other modern languages)​, etc.​
3. For students enrolled in multiple programs (eg. STB and MA), be sure to complete self-advisement in all programs before clicking "Propose".
4. The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs will confirm your self-advised courses on or before July 25, the first day of online enlistment and sectioning at LST-ISIS. After approval, the notation "Advisement Approved" will appear in the Self-Advise section of your LST-ISIS account.
Online Enlistment and Choosing of Class Sections
July 25, 9:00 am - 11:59 pm (LST ISIS)
July 27, August 1-3, Time: TBA (Ateneo AISIS)

1. Students should enlist in their advised courses and choose class sections online at isis.lst.edu or (in campus). Those with limited internet access may use the desktop computers in LST's Multi-Media Center. Students may also bring their own internet-ready laptops. For any student-initiated changes after enlistment, students should accomplish the Load Revision Form and pay the corresponding fee.
2. MA and PhD students should also enlist in their advised courses at the AISIS website aisisonline.ateneo.edu. Please disregard class sections in AISIS, which will be superseded by LST's ISIS sectioning. Please disregard also the amounts indicated in the Ateneo AISIS Assessment Form. The correct tuition fee amounts are reflected on the LST ISIS Assessment Form. For the activation of old MA and PhD students' AISIS accounts, contact the Ateneo Registrar’s Office at 426-6001 local 5130 to 5139, 5143, 5146-5147.
How to Enlist Via LST-ISIS
1. Go to isis.lst.edu or (in campus) and log-in.
2. Click on "Enlist". Then click on your program located at the right side of the screen. Your advised courses will appear on the left side of the screen.
3. To enlist in a course, click on a catalogue number (eg. Theo 217). The sections (A, B or C) and name of professors will appear on the right side of the screen.
4. Click on a section of your choice. The course will then appear among your enlisted courses and will be dislodged from your advised courses. Do the same for your other advised courses until your advised courses bin is emptied. Once the quota in a section is reached, students will be enlisted in the other section.
5. Students enrolled in multiple programs (e.g., STB-MA, etc.) should make sure that they enlist in all the courses in their respective programs. Upon completion of enlistment, click "Done".
LST Enrollment: August 2-4

1. The following students are exempt from personally enrolling at LST on August 2-4:
a) seminarians whose communities have charge accounts at LST and who have completed their advisement and online enlistment at LST-ISIS. A community representative should submit their community members' LST IDs to the Multi-Media personnel (c/o Jerry Orio) during enrollment period for validation. Validated IDs can be claimed on August 8, Monday.
b) students paying in full through LST's Bank of the Philippine Islands Account. Those who intend to pay in this manner may download payment instructions from here (right click and 'Save link as') and should inform Ms. Roselyn Taray of the LST Finance Section ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). LST ID processing can be done on the first week of classes.

2. The following students should come over to LST to register on August 2-4:

a) those who did not undergo the advisement process and therefore were not able to enlist at LST-ISIS.

b) those not paying offsite and will thus pay their tuition and other fees directly to the LST Cashier.

Students who have already completed their online enlistment at LST-ISIS can proceed directly to the Cashier for payment. After cashier, students should present their LST ID to the Multi-Media personnel at Tipanan ni San Ignacio for validation.
For their convenience, students are highly encouraged to pay offsite through LST's Bank of the Philippine Islands Account to avoid waiting in the Cashier line. Students may also pay by check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard) to expedite payment process.

3. For those who need to come to LST for complete advisement and enlistment on August 2-4:

VPAA                       manual advisement
Asst. to the VPAA    online advisement
Multi-Media              online enlistment
Cashier                    payment
Multi-Media              ID photo for new students; LST ID validation for old students
Students are responsible for monitoring the accuracy of their registration at isis.lst.edu and aisisonline.ateneo.edu (MA and PhD students).

International Students Enrolled in the MA and PhD Programs

International students with no valid student or missionary visas will not be allowed to enroll at LST. Those whose immigration documents are in order may enlist their courses at AISIS and need not fill up the Ateneo Registration Form anymore usually released by the ADMU Registrar’s Office. Those on hold order and are not able to enlist online due to visa concerns should visit the ADMU Registrar’s Office to settle the matter.

New MA and PhD Students Admitted to LST in the First Semester

All newly-admitted students in the MA and PhD Programs will not yet be able to enlist at AISIS but may enroll at LST on August 2-4. They are requested to claim the hard copy of their Ateneo de Manila Registration Forms (Filipinos from LST Secretary; International Students from the Ateneo Registrar's Office). Those who fail to sign and submit their Ateneo de Manila Registration Form will not have their MA or PhD courses enrolled at the Ateneo.

Outstanding Tuition Balances

Students with outstanding balances should settle their accounts with the LST Cashier before enrollment. Those who do not settle their accounts will not be allowed to enroll in the First Semester. Students with special concerns regarding this matter are requested to see Ms. Roselyn Taray, Assistant to the President.