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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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altThe Theology and Ministry Program of the School of Humanities invites you to the oral defense of the MA Thesis entitled "The Ministry of Unity of the Bishop of Rome: The Case of Pope St.Leo the Great" by Millard O. Lim on November 18, 2016 (Friday), 2:00 pm, at the Tipanan ni San Ignacio, Second Floor, Loyola School of Theology.  The Board of Examiners is composed of Fr. Antonio De Castro, S.J., S.T.L., E.H.D. (Principal Examiner), Fr. Rene Paglinawan, O.A.R., S.T.L., Fr. Emilio Edgardo Quilatan, O.A.R., H.E.D.   The MA Thesis Adviser is Dr. Joaquin Yap, S.W.  The defense is being held in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Arts in Theological Studies with field of specialization in Systematic and Sacramental Theology.  It is open to the public.

Abstract: The thesis is a historical study and contemporary assessment of the ministry of unity of an ancient bishop of Rome: Leo the Great (September 440 – November 461). The historical study applies Ut Unum Sint’s reflections on the ministry of unity of the bishop of Rome to Leo. UUS teaches, following Vatican II, that the bishop of Rome is the “perpetual and visible principle and foundation of unity” of the Church. He is the “first servant of unity” who must ensure the communion of all the Churches. How did Leo exercise his ministry of unity? How did he serve unity? What is his main contribution to Church unity? Leo carried out his ministry by offering the primacy of the bishop of Rome as the unifying center of the Church. This is his main contribution to Church unity. The contemporary assessment finds Leo’s way of exercising the ministry and his contribution to unity difficult to apply today as primacy is seen as a cause of disunity and an obstacle to unity. The thesis concludes with some ways on moving forward and making the bishop of Rome truly ecumenical, universal and accepted by all Christians.