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Friday, April 28, 2017
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In line  with the procedures of Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University, MA and PhD students of the Theology and Ministry Program (LST) are requested to comply with the following:

1. MA and PhD students will be allowed to enroll in Comprehensive Exams only after completion of course work. No course may be enrolled in the same semester as the Comprehensive Exam. Hence, for example, in order to take the Compre Exam in the Second Semester, all course work and marks should have been completed in the First Semester. 

2. Students in the MA Theological Studies (MA-TS) and PhD Programs may enroll in Thesis/Dissertation Writing only after passing the Comprehensive Exam during the previous semester. Compre Exam and Thesis/Dissertation Writing may not be enrolled in the same semester because one needs to pass the Compre Exam first before enrolling in Thesis/Dissertation Writing.
3. For MA-TS students who are also in the STB Program: 
In order to defend their Thesis (or its equivalent) in the Second Semester of 4th Year, they are to: 
a) enroll in STB-MA Compre Exam during the regular registration period; 
b) take and pass the early STB-MA Compre Exam by the first week of Second Semester classes in January; 
c) accomplish the Ateneo Loyola Schools Load Revision Form within the prescribed deadline, adding the courses Thesis Writing 1 and 2; 
d) defend the thesis before the end of the semester.
4. Those who will not be able to defend their MA Thesis/4 Papers in the Second Sem of 4th Year STB should just enroll in STB-MA Compre Exam and enroll in Thesis Writing 1 and 2 in the succeeding semester.
9 February 2015