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Sem II AY 2023-2024 Licentiate and Doctorate Courses

Nov 11, 2023

  • Theo 300 Series: STL, STD, PhD

In courses which are generally open for enrollment to STB and MA students as well as to STL, STD, DMin, or PhD students, professors are to require additional and advanced scholarly work commensurate to the levels of study of the latter group of students. This may take the form of some substantial reading and theological writing normally expected of licentiate and doctorate students.

*Electives in the MA, STL, DMin, and PhD programs are those courses which do not belong to one’s chosen field of concentration.

Auxiliary Courses
TMP 392.05 Research Writing and Methods for Theology
Section A (MCGonzalez, Pojol, Abais, O.Dy) W, 2:00-4:40pm
(Takes the place of TMP 392.03 and TMP 392.04)
TMP 396 (A) STD/PhD Comprehensive Examination
TMP 396.01 (A) Licentiate Comprehensive Examination
TMP 399.1 (A) STD/PhD Dissertation Writing I
TMP 399.11 (A) STL Tesina Writing I
TMP 399.2 (A) STD/PhD Dissertation Writing II
TMP 399.21 (A) STL Tesina Writing II
TMP 396.1 (A) Tesina Proposal Defense
TMP 399.19 (A) Dissertation Proposal Defense
TMP 399.4 (A) Oral Defense (Doctorate)
TMP 399.41 (A) Oral Defense (Licentiate)
Propaedeutic Courses
TMP 395.92 Expository Writing and Research Methods II
Section A (Regalia) WF, 2:00-3:15pm (Filipino students)
Section B (Regalia) WF, 3:30-4:50pm (International students)
Language Courses
(for enrollment at LST only)
TMP 395.12 Biblical Hebrew II
Section A (Ramirez) TTh, 3:30-4:50pm
TMP 395.14 Biblical Hebrew IV
Section A (Ramirez)
Schedule to be arranged by Professor with students
TMP 395.22 Biblical Greek II
Section A (Repole) MWF, 8:00-9:00am
TMP 395.24 Biblical Greek IV
Section A (Repole)
Schedule to be arranged by Professor with students
TMP 395.32 Latin II
Section A (Mananzan) TThF, 8:00-9:00am
TMP 395.34 Latin IV
Section A (Mananzan) Th, 9:00-11:50am
TMP 395.42 German II
Section A (Locker) WF, 2:00-3:15pm
TMP 395.51 Italian II
Section A (Abais) WF, 2:00-3:15pm
TMP 395.72 Spanish II
Section A (Mananzan) WF, 2:00-3:15pm
Philosophical Theology
TMP 383.03 Theological Method: Doing Theology in Context
Section A (JMFrancisco) Th, 2:00-4:50pm
Biblical Theology
TMP 312.81 Exegesis: Luke/Acts: Possessions and Discipleship in the Gospel of Luke
Section A (Ranjar) F, 2:00-4:40pm
TMP 312.90 New Testament Seminar I: Gospel of Mark
Section A (Alvarez) M, 2:00-4:50pm
TMP 314 Textual Criticism
Section A (Ramirez) TTh, 2:00-3:15pm
Systematic-Historical Theology
TMP 321.06
Loyola School of Theology:
Studies in Patristic Theological Themes
St. Augustine’s Toronto:
Patristic Themes: Trinity and Christology (Early Councils)
Section A (H. Drobner) M & W, 9:00pm-11pm Manila Time
Feb 12 – Mar 20, 2024 inclusive
Online course for cross-enrollment at the Pontifical Faculty of Theology at St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto
TMP 321.23 Theology of Religions: Theology of Religious Pluralism and Theology of Dialogue
Section A (M. Francisco) Tu, 2:00-4:50pm
TMP 322.03 New Ecclesiologies and Ministries in the Catholic Church: Ecclesiology and Ministries in Migration Context
Section A (E. de Guzman) Tu, 2:00-4:40pm
TMP 323.06 Theology of the Eucharist
Section A (Fajardo) Tu, 9:00-11:50am
TMP 349.10 Introduction to Patristics and Biblico-Christian Archaeology
Part I Patristics (C.E. Alvarez) M, 2:00-4:50pm (Jan 15 – Mar 4)
Part II Archaeology (Abais) Tu, 9:00-11:50am (Mar 14 – May 18)
Open to STL students only
Moral Theology
TMP 332.05 Themes Related to Social Ethics: Social Justice Advocacy of Bartolome de las Casas
Section A (Budi) Th, 2.00-4:50pm
TMP 332.08 Moral Development: Non-Human Animals in the Catholic Moral Tradition
(Aseneta) Tu, 2:00-4:50pm
TMP 332.06 Themes Related to Christian Social Ethics II: Ethics of Ecology
Section A (Babor) W, 2:00-4:50pm
TMP 332.19 Human Rights of Migrants
Section A (Rebustillo) W, 2:00-4:50pm
Open to STL and STD students only
Pastoral Theology and Allied Disciplines
a) Spirituality
TMP 355 History of Spirituality: The Martyrs of Korea, A Historical Rethinking of their Spirituality
(In Korean Language)
Section A (Kang) Sat, 10:00am-12:00nn and 2:00-4:00pm
(Intensive: January 20 – March 16, 2024)
TMP 356.07 The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola: Structures and Dynamics
Section A (Quilongquilong) Tu, 2:00-4:50pm
TMP 355.08 Spirituality and Migration and the Peripheries
Section A (C. Valdes) F, 2:00-4:40pm
Open to STL and STD students only
TMP 357 Christian Sanctity : Integration of Dogma, Spirituality and Life :
Henri Nouwen: A Spirituality of Integration and Imperfection
Section A (Hernandez) W, 2:00-4:50pm
The following summer spirituality courses (TMP 358.03 to TMP 358.06) are offered by LST in cooperation with the Center for Ignatian Spirituality (CIS). After completing the module, the student may enroll the course at LST for credit during a subsequent semester. The student must present to the LST Vice President for Academic Affairs a certificate or proof of attendance, signed by the CIS Director. During the semester of enrollment, the CIS Director or his/her delegate prescribes the requirements for the credit course in terms of book reports, research papers, etc. Please check the course descriptions for the pre-requisites of the courses and contact the CIS for other details: www.cisphil.org; Tel. 426-4250 to 51; cisphil@gmail.com.
TMP 358.03 (A) Foundations for Directed Retreat
TMP 358.04 (A) Fundamentals of Directed Retreat-Giving
TMP 358.05 (A) Supervised Retreat-Giving Experience
TMP 358.06 (A) Giving the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
Open to STL and STD students only
The following courses on religious formation are offered by LST in cooperation with the Emmaus Center for Psycho-Spiritual Formation. Contact the Emmaus Center for information on fees for attending the module. Standard LST audit or credit tuition fees also apply. Tel: 928-6040, 426-6001 local 4875; emmausphil@yahoo.com
TMP 359.04 (A) Growing in Religious Vows (contact Emmaus Center for next offering)
TMP 359.06 (A) Basic Concepts in Psycho-Sexual Formation
TMP 359.07 (A) Formative Processing Skills
Open to STL and STD students only
b) Pastoral Psychology and Counseling
TMP 368.06 Explorations in Individual and Family Resilience
Section A (Gonzales) M, 2:00-5:00pm
Open to STL and STD students only
TMP 368.04 Marital/Family Counseling Practicum
Section A (Lumiqued) W, 5:30-8:30pm (ONSITE only)
Prerequisites: Pastoral Psychology and Counseling, Assessment and Initial Interventions of Individual and Relationship Disorders, Marital/Premarital Dynamics and Counseling: A Psycho-Spiritual Approach, and Family Dynamics and Counseling Approaches
Open to STL and STD students only
TMP 368.09 Family Spirituality Practicum
Section A (Sanchez/Macabuag) M, 5:30-8:30pm
Open to STL and STD students only
TMP 367.07 Pastoral Group Process
Section A (Lumiqued) W, 1:30-4:30pm (ONSITE only)
Maximum number of students: 12
Open to STL and STD students only
c) Pastoral Leadership and Management
TMP 351.04 Leadership: A Pastoral Approach
Section A (Cagantas) M, 2:00-4:50pm
Open to STL students only

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