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Course on Youth Animation at the Loyola School of Theology

Aug 7, 2023

In support of the training of youth ministers in the area of youth animation, LST is offering the course, TMP 222.11/TMP 322.11 Church and Mission: Animation as a Paradigm for Youth Ministry, this First Semester. Students may enroll for either in-person or online attendance via Zoom with the following schedule:

Wednesday 2:00 – 4:50pm Hybrid


Students may not shift between face-to-face and online classes. It is open to credit students only (not audit), walk-ins and cross-enrollees. LST students may enlist via isis.lst.edu. Non-LST students may email admin@lst.edu for application and admission instructions.

Course Description

The three Management Paradigms, generally applicable to Youth Ministry, have been broadly termed as: ‘Scientific Paradigm’, ‘Human Relations Paradigm’ and ‘Human Resource Paradigm’. This course is an invitation to make a paradigm shift in Youth Ministry and attempts to encourage youth ministers to move to the fourth Animation paradigm with its specific styles. Such a paradigm is based on life and on love for life and emphasises the ‘spiritual character’ of human nature and desires to initiate the young towards fullness of life for all through the process of conferring meaning.

Such a paradigm invites individuals to a shared vision, challenges them to contribute to the accomplishment of these shared objectives and to become part of the mission and enterprise that transcends their individual tasks. Animation offers individuals purposes and principles that lift them, ennoble them, inspire them, empower them, and encourage them to their best selves. The ultimate and overall intent of this paradigm is to give back to the young the joy of a full life and the courage to hope.

About the Professor

Fr. Jerome is a Salesian priest from Tamil Nadu, India. He holds a Doctorate in Sacred Theology with specialization in Youth Ministry and Catechetics from the Pontifical Salesian University, Rome. From 2002-2013, he was Professor at the Faculty of the Sciences of Education at the same University. He is currently professor at the Don Bosco Theological Center, Kavarapettai, the theological center of the Chennai Province of the Salesians.

He has authored a number of books on Youth Ministry, including “Empowering the Young Towards Fullness of Life: Seminal Thoughts on Some Pedagogico-Pastoral Requisites in Youth Ministry” (2003), “Animating the Young: An Introduction to a Holistic Paradigm of Youth Ministry” (2005), “Empowering Through Animation: A Pedagogical-Pastoral Paradigm for Youth Ministry” (2010, with S. Korath), “Faith-Focused Mentoring as a Paradigm for Youth Catechesis: Towards the Articulation of a Frame of Reference” (2012), and others.

Home » News » Course on Youth Animation at the Loyola School of Theology


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