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Memo on Energy Conservation in LST

Oct 4, 2023

TO The LST Community
FROM The President
RE Energy Conservation in LST
DATE October 3, 2023

With this memo, we are implementing energy conservation measures in LST to both save on our electric bill and create a more eco-friendly environment within our school. We encourage the active participation of all faculty, staff, and students in these efforts.

Classroom Energy Conservation

After each class in the morning and afternoon, the class beadle is requested to turn off lights, air conditioning, and TV monitors. Only if a succeeding class will use the same classroom at 10:35 am may the facilities be left on. The LST multi-media staff will be responsible for turning off classroom computers.

Assignment of Class Beadles

Professors are kindly requested to assign a class beadle as soon as possible for each of their courses if they have not already done so. The class beadle’s role is critical in ensuring that energy conservation measures are followed consistently in each classroom. We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

Use of Classroom Aircon Outside of Class Times

Outside of class times, students who wish to remain in the classrooms for rest, study, or meetings may do so but without the use of air conditioning units. They may open the windows for proper ventilation. We understand that there may be occasions when students need a cooler environment outside of class times. In such cases, we invite students to use the Ralph Gehring Library facilities, including the lounge area and meeting room on the second floor, where air conditioning facilities are available. The small conference rooms near the Multi-Media Room may also be utilized. For exemptions to the above guidelines, please ask permission from Mr. Glenn Gonzales (facilities@lst.edu).

These energy conservation initiatives not only benefit our institution financially but also align with our commitment to environmental responsibility that we all prayed for during our Season of Creation Paraliturgy. Your support and cooperation in these efforts are greatly appreciated.

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Home » News » Memo on Energy Conservation in LST


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