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Scholarship Application Guidelines for Ecclesiastical STL and STD Programs

Oct 11, 2023

A. Prospective recipients are diocesan and religious priests and women religious who have been accepted to LST’s ecclesiastical degree Licentiate (STL) and Doctorate (STD) in Sacred Theology Programs. Click here for their respective program descriptions. LST requires applicants to take the LST Entrance Examinations and English Proficiency Test in order to ascertain that those admitted are capable of doing advanced graduate studies and of writing a thesis or dissertation in particular.

B. Due to the limited availability of funds, aside from Filipino applicants, only international applicants from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) may apply. They should have completed at least a year of English language study in the Philippines and should submit the results of their TOEFL Exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language; https://www.ets.org/toefl). A minimum score of 80 in the computer based test is required. They are also required to take the Entrance Examinations in the Philippines.

C. The grant covers only tuition and other fees during the period of course work and excludes semesters of Thesis or Dissertation Writing and Defense. The grant can be either partial or full on a case-to-case basis. If approved, it should be applied for/renewed every semester one month before first day of LST Enrollment by accomplishing the LST Application Form for Scholarship.

D. Those admitted to a degree program but whose scholarship application have not been approved for the current academic year due to full scholarship quota may avail of the grant in the succeeding year as priority recipients.


E. Recipients should be enrolled every semester with a load of 12 or 15 credit units (4-5 courses). Recipients may opt to enroll as well in course work during the Intersession under the grant, pending the availability of courses.

F. If needed by LST, recipients may be required to render 18 hours of service at LST during the semester under the general supervision of the Assistant to the President.

G. In order to maintain the scholarship, recipients (1) should not receive a mark of 2.5 (Average), 3.0 (Passing, earns no credit) or 4.0 (Failure) and (2) should maintain an average semestral mark of 2.0 (Above Average).

H. Since LST does not provide a residence for its students, priests may contact the Bishops of Dioceses in Metro Manila in order to possibly serve as guest priests in their parishes. Women religious may contact Superiors of Religious Congregations for women for possible residence. International students should arrange for their own Missionary Visa or Student Visa – which is required for enrollment in LST – through the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.


I. How to Apply

1. Submit the following documents to the Office of the LST President:

a) Accomplished LST Application Form for Scholarship
b) Personal Letter of Application addressed to the President of LST, indicating the following:

  • request for scholarship
  • purpose for licentiate or doctoral studies
  • possible work/assignment after completion of degree
  • justification for request for scholarship on the basis of the financial situation of the diocese or religious congregation
  • for international ASEAN students: TOEFL results

c) Recommendation Letter from one’s bishop or religious superior
d) Photocopy of Seminary Theology Transcript of Records

2. Prospective recipients should follow the procedures in the LST Website and meet the required deadlines: https://www.lst.edu/admission/

3. Prospective recipients should follow the procedures in the LST Website and meet the required deadlines: https://www.lst.edu/admission/

4. The results of the application to the (a) STL or STD program and (b) scholarship grant will be communicated to the applicant by email by the Director of the Theology and Ministry Program (LST’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, vpacademic@lst.edu).

For inquiries, email: president@lst.edu

Home » News » Scholarship Application Guidelines for Ecclesiastical STL and STD Programs


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