Ger 201-202

German I-II

LST’s German courses introduce the fundamental elements of the German language such as articles, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and the conjugation of verbs, including the following tenses: present (präsens), present perfect (perfekt), simple past (präteritum), past perfect (plusquamperfekt), future (futur I) and future perfect (futur II). Other topics include participles, modal verbs, infinitive with/without zu, reflexive verbs, separable verbs, transitive/intransitive, imperative and the subjunctive.

Emphasis is on the progressive development of basic reading skills. While the primary emphasis of the course is in developing the student’s reading skills towards understanding theological texts, some attention will also be given to spoken German. Aside from the standard German grammar, exercise book, and dictionary, the following texts in German will utilized as supplementary materials to enhance the building up of students’ vocabulary: common Catholic prayers, Breviary and Mass prayers, Scripture readings, religious and secular songs, etc.

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