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TMP 312.90

New Testament Seminar I

Students are given hands-on guidance in exegetical work on selected texts drawn from the New Testament. The work of the seminar is based on the Greek text of the New Testament. The course studies biblical texts that concern women. It begins with a survey of women and images of women in Scriptures and then discusses currents of interpretations that influence contemporary views of women in the Church and society. It analyzes the characterization of women and men in biblical narratives, laws, poetry and prophetic texts to discover and highlight the different images of women in Jewish Scriptures and in the New Testament. The socio-historical contexts of these texts are discussed to understand the biblical portrayal of women. New exegetical methods and approaches are explored in the study of selected passages to move towards an ethically responsible interpretation that has a bearing on issues of women’s role in the Church and the partnership of women and men in the mission of the Church. Special attention is given to the gospel stories of Jesus’ encounters with women, the place of women in Jesus’ community of disciples, Mary as model of discipleship.

Home » Academic Programs » Course Descriptions » New Testament Seminar I

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