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TMP 223.11

Practicum: Liturgical Songwriting

Vatican II has retrieved and stressed anew the value of the active participation of all in the Eucharistic celebration. One manner of fostering participation is through the congregational singing of acclamations, responses, and hymns in the language, melodic patterns and rhythms of the people. This course is a practicum in writing contemporary liturgical songs. After an overview of the evolution of liturgical music in the Western church and in the Philippines, and after a brief study of the function of music in the various parts of the Mass, the course will focus on the rudiments of music: note reading, scale construction, chord construction, and harmonization. Then the course will proceed to its main goal: the writing of contemporary liturgical music in the vernacular of the students. The course will cover the basics of composing lyrics in meter and rhyme and establishing rhythmic patterns, setting lyrics to music and arranging vocal harmony.

Experience in composing songs is not necessary. Students, however, will have to enroll by pair, one of whom should be able to play the guitar or the keyboard.

Home » Academic Programs » Course Descriptions » Practicum: Liturgical Songwriting

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