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TMP 232.05

Themes Related to Christian Social Ethics I

This course provides an in-depth study of a wide array of questions pertaining to social morality in general and the corresponding Church teachings on these issues. Theopinions of social ethicists will also be presented. As an advanced course, it presupposes that the students have a solid grounding on the basic principles of fundamental moral theology. This course aims to train the students in developing further their analytic-critical skills in social reflection through the study of concrete social issues. Toward a Moral Paradigm for Environmental Sustainability

The worsening state of the environment is a serious global concern. Climate change, global warming, rising sea level, stronger typhoons, severe flash floods, shortage of drinking water, etc., have become grave threats to the global community. Many solutions have been proposed and these have become central in environmental discourse; one of these is Sustainable Development. While these paradigms that focus on the economic and socio-political aspects are important to consider, they are not holistic. The moral and spiritual life of the human community are ignored which in fact are the fundamental and important grounds for environmental sustainability. Thus, this course makes a critique of these paradigms and it proposes a moral paradigm for environmental sustainability. The moral paradigm is centered on the moral and theological virtues. When human beings act prudently, justly, steadfastly, moderately with faith, hope, and charity, the human community and the environment would become sustainable. All human beings and the environment will be in harmony because living virtuously is in consonance with God’s will for all of God’s creation.

Home » Academic Programs » Course Descriptions » Themes Related to Christian Social Ethics I

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