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The collection of the Ralph B. Gehring Library is owned by the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus and administered by the Loyola School of Theology. The LST library is intended primarily for the use of its faculty and students. Limited access is provided for non-LST researchers.

The LST Library has one of the best theological library collections in Southeast Asia. The library was created from the merging of materials from two Jesuit institutions, the San Jose Major Seminary and Berchman’s College, in 1955. Presently, it houses in three floor levels an approximate 113,000 volumes of books and periodicals that complement the LST program of instruction and the Jesuit character of the institution.

The Ground Floor contains general circulation books; the Second Floor holds journals and periodicals as well as individual study rooms; the Third Floor hosts the reference books section, newly-processed journals and books, class reserved books, LST theses and dissertations, card catalogs, the circulation counter, common study rooms, computer work stations, photocopying and scanning facilities, bag storage area, and staff offices.

Library Hours and Service
The library is open from 7:45 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday, throughout most of the year. It is closed on Sundays, school or legal holidays, and announced days for inventory or other purposes. Upon entering the library, a client must present a validated ID card with his/her photo on it and register in the library users’ logbook. Bags, brief cases, knapsacks, umbrellas, etc. must be left in the depository area found near the entrance.

The library main door is equipped with a sensing device that detects library books that have not been properly checked out at the circulation counter. If the device sounds an alarm, the exiting client must return to the counter and allow his/her bag, briefcase, etc. to be inspected.

Library Materials
Periodicals (bound or unbound), reference books, theses and dissertations, and reserved books are not loaned out of the library. They may be used only inside the library. Only books in the general circulation section may be loaned out of the library. After use, all library materials should not be returned to the shelves, but should be left on the reading tables for re-shelving by the library staff.

Fines are imposed on overdue book loans (P5.00 per book per day). The due date for a book loan is the latest date stamped on the due date slip at the inside back cover of the book. For books lost by the borrower, the damages charged to the borrower include the cost of replacing and processing the book as well as any overdue fines related to the book.

Students who have not returned overdue books or who have overdue fines and/or unpaid reimbursement charges are not allowed to register in the next term. Delinquent cross-registrants are not given clearances for the release of their grades and/or transcripts. Offenders who are about to finish their studies in LST cannot not be given clearance for graduation as well as for the release of their grades, transcripts, and diplomas.

Library Computer Room
Computers linked to the Internet are available to library users. Special guidelines govern the use of these computers. Computer printing can be arranged with the circulation desk for a fee. The library makes available to clients bibliographical as well as theological resource materials on the LST website (OPAC and EBSCO).

Library Online Public Access Catalogue
On every floor of the library building special computers are available for searching the library online public access catalogue (OPAC). The OPAC is also accessible through the Internet.

Photocopying and Scanning
A self-service photo-copying machine is available for a fee. Scanning is available for free with the assistance of a library staff member. Fragile materials can only be scanned, not photocopied. Students and faculty who are not able to come to the library may request for scans of books or journals through an email sent to the Library Director (egenilo@lst.edu).

Library Decorum
The library is a silent study area. Loud conversations and other disturbances must be avoided. Cell phones must be turned off or placed on silent mode at all times.




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( off – campus )

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Covid Health Protocols

  1. The library is currently implementing restricted physical access.
  2. Aside from LST staff and administrators, only 5 off-campus LST student researchers can be accommodated in the LST Library each day.
  3. Library users are requested to avoid close contact with the Library Staff.
  4. The LST Offices are off-limits to library users.
  5. The use of face mask and face shield is required to enter the Ateneo Campus and LST.

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New Book Acquisition / Processed

The Cross and the Eucharist in Early Christianity

The Cross and the Eucharist in Early Christianity: A Theological and Liturgical Investigation
(Daniel Cardo, 2020)


Resisting Violence and Victimization

Resisting Violence and Victimization: Christian Faith and Solidarity in East Timor
(Joel Hodge, 2012)


Building Bridges from Asian Faiths to Jesus in the Gospels

Building Bridges from Asian Faiths to Jesus in the Gospels
(Bruce Nicholls, 2019)


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Library Services

Borrowing Books

  1. Use the LST online library catalog (Web OPAC) to search for books available for loan in the general collection.
  2. If Ateneo is under a Covid-19 Alert level that allows visitor entry:
    1. Vaccinated On-campus student borrowers can go directly to the library to borrow books.
    2. For off-campus student borrowers:
  3. If Ateneo is under a Covid-19 Alert level that does not allow visitor entry, only vaccinated on-campus LST students can go to the library to borrow books during regular library operating hours. Off-campus students are not allowed to borrow books at this time.
  4. The borrower is allowed to keep the books for a month instead of the usual two-week period while face-to-face classes are not yet possible conditions. Policy regarding fines for overdue books will apply.

Returning Books

  1. Off-campus students who wish to return books may leave the books in a package addressed to the LST library at the Gate 3 guardhouse of the Ateneo.
  2. On-campus students who wish to return books may return them personally at the library

Research by Non-LST Students

  1. Vaccinated non-LST researchers are allowed library access if the Ateneo is under an Alert level that allows visitors. Researchers should also fill up the Ateneo entry request form and the Library sign-up sheet.
  2. The non-LST researcher should bring a letter of request from their superior or supervisor.
  3. A P100,00 per day researchers fee is to be paid at the library counter.
  4. If a journal article is unavailable online a request can be made to the Library Director (egenilo@lst.edu) for a scanned copy of the journal article (if possible). Allow for at least a week to process the request.

Scanning of Library Materials

For library material that cannot be lent out, send an email request for a scanned copy of the material (within reasonable limits) to the Library Director. Allow for at least a week to process the request.

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Library Hours

7:45am – 5:00pm
Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sundays

Contact Info

Tel: (63) 8426-6430 to 35 local 3631
email: egenilo@lst.edu; library@lst.edu

the collection

Ground Floor

General Circulation (CIRC)

These include books on various subjects on various fields of theology, philosophy, pastoral ministry, and psychology. These books can be loaned out for a maximum of two (2) weeks, and a possibility of renewal. It has two special sections: Oversize (OVE) and Pamphlets (PAM).

Pamphlets (PAM)

These are books and other reading materials that have 50 pages and below. These materials are housed in separate shelves for easy retrieval and access.

Oversize (OVE)

These are books that are taller than regular books. A separate shelf is given to these books for proper organization, easy retrieval, and access. These materials can be loaned out as general circulation books.

Second Floor


These are bound professional and popular journals and magazines that cover various fields of study related to the academic and pastoral programs of LST. These materials cannot be loaned out but may be scanned or photocopied in the premises. There is a separate oversize section for periodicals that are taller than regular journals. A list of periodical titles is available at the circulation counter on the third floor. Online access to journals is available through the EBSCO services of LST Library (off-campus) and the Ateneo Rizal Library (on-campus).


These are large-size maps used by students, faculty and lecturers for classroom discussions. These can be borrowed by faculty but must be returned within the day.

third Floor

General References (REF)

These includes reference materials for common use such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, church documents, biblical commentaries, directories, etc. These books are for room use only.

Non-prints Media

These are materials in old Beta and VHS formats. These materials can be loaned out for a maximum of 2 weeks with a possibility of renewal.

Theses (THE)

This section contains theses and dissertations from the Berchman’s College collection and the degree programs of LST and the Ateneo de Manila University. These materials are for room use only.

Reserve Shelf

These shelves hold the reading materials of faculty in their respective subject areas to be used by their students as references. These includes materials from the LST library collection and the personal collection of faculty. These materials are for room use only.

online database


The online public access catalog (OPAC) is an online database of the Ralph B. Gehring Library. The OPAC provides the bibliographical information and call numbers of books in General Circulation (Including OVE and PAM) and General References. The OPAC book search results will indicate if the book is available for check-out or not.

Mikado OPAC

This is a database composed of mission-related materials from the library collections of the Missionary Association of St. Francis Xavier in Aachen, the mission library of the Jesuits in Bonn, part of the library of the Comboni Missionary Institute in Ellwange, and other personal collections.

EBSCOHost Ateneo Library (On-Campus Use)

The Ateneo Rizal Library EBSCO collection of databases includes the AtlaSerials PLUS® database, which is the premier index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion. It also includes the ATLA Historical Monographs Collections 1 and 2, the Christian Periodical Index, New Testament Abstracts, Old Testament Abstracts, OMNIFILE Full Text Select, and the Religion and Philosophy Index.

EBSCOHost LST (Off-Campus Use)

LST EBSCOhost collection contains AtlaSerials PLUS, Religion Collection, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. It is open for faculty and currently enrolled students. Access is found in the LST Integrated Student Information System.

The Ralph B. Gehring Library serves as the information arm of the Loyola School of Theology (LST). It is committed to the acquisition, organization, dissemination, and preservation of theological resources in all formats.

Categories of Clients

The library fee, paid to the cashier during registration, entitles various categories of clients to the following privileges:

Enrolled LST Students

Students enrolled in degree or certificate programs may borrow up to ten (10) books for two weeks, with a possibility of renewal if the books are not otherwise needed. Students writing STD/PhD dissertations may borrow up to fifteen (20) books for one month, with the possibility of renewal if the books are not otherwise needed.

Cross Registrants

Cross-registrants with an endorsement letter and a validated ID from the Ateneo de Manila University have the same privileges as regular LST students. Cross-registrants from other schools may borrow books, up to three at one time, for a period of two weeks, with the possibility of renewal.


Auditors may use the library, but may not borrow books, except upon deposit of an amount per book determined by the Administration. This deposit is refunded at the end of each semester.

Doctoral Students of Consortium of Theological Schools

By virtue of the agreement on the mutual sharing of resources and facilities by member-schools, doctoral students of other schools belonging to the Consortium are granted the privilege of using the library. They may use the materials and facilities inside the library, but the books may not be lent out to them. They must bring an endorsement letter with their school letterhead and a valid ID and present them to the library staff.

Researchers from Other Schools and Institutions

Researchers from other schools or institutions may be granted permission by the President, VPAA or the Library Director to do research work in the LST library provided they present an endorsement letter from their Department Chairperson and pay either a semestral or a daily spot-fee. They may use the materials and facilities inside the library, but books may not be lent out to them.

Faculty and Students of Ateneo de Manila University

Ateneo students and faculty with endorsement letter and validated ID are allowed to use the library as guided by agreements between LST and AdMU.

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