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Protocols for LST Employees During GCQ and Intersession

Jun 2, 2020

As LST employees, as well as the wider University Community, begin coming back to work to provide essential services in pursuit of the mission of the school, LST has implemented the following health and safety protocols:
June 1 – August 12, 2020
(as of June 1, 2020)

A.  Access to Ateneo Campus
  1. Entry into the Ateneo campus requires a temperature check and submission of health survey forms. Copies of the form are provided to the employees by LST to facilitate entry.
  2. Employee must wear a face mask upon entry.
B.   Access to LST
  1. The entry into LST is through the back door behind Calungsod Hall. This is also the only exit from LST.
  2. Employees must go through the footbath and disinfection sprayer before going to their work area.
C.   Time Cards
  1. Employees will not use the bundy clock to time in and out. They must go directly to their work area upon arrival.
  2. Each employee will be provided a time card to record their own arrival and departure to and from LST by an honor system. The time cards will be submitted to supervisors for approval before each payroll.
  3. Tardiness will not be counted for the month of June 2020. The tardiness policy will be evaluated monthly as the transportation situation changes.
  4. Employees are to render the required number of hours per day as agreed upon with their supervisor and with the approval of the administration.
D.   Inside the Workplace
  1. Each employee has been assigned his/her own office and will work alone. Each employee will also have an assigned bathroom for his/her own personal use.
  2. Employees are advised not to visit each other’s offices. As much as possible, communication be done through phones, email, or video conferencing. Documents for approval can be sent by soft copy and approved provisionally by email.  Documents requiring signatures are to be left at a designated place for pick-up and return to maintain physical distancing.
  3. Face masks must be worn at all times at LST. When speaking to other persons, face mask and face shields should be worn. Employees are to keep a physical distance of two meters from each other and from visitors.
  4. Hand sanitizers and disinfectants are made available at every office. Employees should disinfect their work area before they begin work.
  5. Doors of offices are to be kept ajar during office hours to minimize the touching of doorknobs. Doors of offices with confidential materials are to be locked when the  employee is out. All doors are to be locked after office hours for security reasons.
  6. Meals are to be taken separately in each person’s office or work space. Each person must have his or her own dishes, utensils and glasses that are washed after use. Only one person at a time can be accommodated in the merienda room or pantry. Water dispensers will be provided in strategic areas. Tissue paper will be provided for use when operating the dispenser lever.
  7. Those staying-in at LST are not to eat together.  Food will be plated separately. Each person should use their own set of utensils and glasses.
  8. When passing through corridors or stairs, keep to the right.
E.  Work Arrangements
  1. Work- from-home arrangements are to be discussed and approved by administration.
  2. Difficulties with work schedules and transportation will be addressed on a case-to case basis between the employee and the administration.
Home » News » Protocols for LST Employees During GCQ and Intersession


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