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Philo 202

Philosophy of the Human Person

Fr. Michael Renan La Guardia, S.D.B.

This course is an inquiry into man as a being-in-the-world-with-others from the Hellenistic period of the history of Philosophy up to the postmodern times with a special emphasis given to the three major expressions of this absorbing interest in human existence: Existentialism, Phenomenology and Personalism. The readings and discussions are designed to offer a fuller realization and deeper appreciation of the beauty and dignity of the human person, the meaning of his/her life and existence in the world, the concepts and values he/she holds about truth, love, justice, freedom and death, and his/her relations with God, with others and with his/her very self. Fr. Venusto F. Suarez

This course is a critical study of the human experience of personhood. It is a reasonable discussion of topics pertaining to existence particular to being human as openness to metaphysics and phenomenology of the self.

Method then follows the typological way of systematically presenting different perspectives and contents that flow from the historical study of the philosophy of the human person. It dialogues with science, secularism, contemporary politics and historical consciousness willfully intending to reach the human realization of meaning. It is designed to aid the learners in understanding philosophical disciplines that are manifestly Christian in orientation in the study of the human person. The course also offers sufficient openness to the thematization of a framework/outline of human experience that is particularly Asian and Filipino.

Home » Academic Programs » Course Descriptions » Philosophy of the Human Person

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