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"THE PASSOVER OF THE BRIDEGROOM MESSIAH: A Biblical Theology on the Nuptial Language of Jesus’ Passover in the Fourth Gospel"

Adonis G. Saclolo (Philippines)

Doctorate in Sacred Theology with field of specialization in Biblical Theology
Adviser: Dr. Markus Locker


The Lamb of God and the Bridegroom Messiah are titles that reveal two very important motifs in the Fourth Gospel – the Nuptial and Passover themes. At the onset of the Gospel, the witness of John the Baptist identifies Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29; 36). This seems to correspond to one exclusive characteristic of the Fourth Gospel which is the three Passovers that contextualize the ministry and public life of Jesus (John 2:13-25; 6:3-14; 13: 1; 18: 28, 39; 19: 14). However, the dissonance between the date of the Jewish Passover and Jesus’ death during the Preparation Day that concurs with the slaughter of the paschal lamb (John 19: 14, 31-33, 36) suggests that Jesus is instituting his own Passover. This Passover of Jesus as the paschal lamb is the “hour” that fulfills the Baptizer’s words about Jesus the messianic bridegroom who takes the bride community to himself (John 3:28-30). However, the taking of the bride seems to be foreshadowed by the encounters of Jesus with several personages, especially with women (John 2: 1-11; 4: 3-42; 8: 1-11; 12: 1-11; 20: 1-18), as representative figures of the bride community. These meetings and the inherent discourses therein make a gradual trajectory toward the nuptial Passover “hour” when Jesus sleeps on the cross and as a New Adam, brings forth the bride from his opened side (John 19: 34). Consequently, his resurrection and ascension to the house of the Father (John 13: 1; 20: 17) resemble the bridegroom’s duty to prepare the dwelling for the bride and take her there at the appointed time (John 14: 1-3).

Final Defense:

17 March 2023, Friday, 3:00pm, at DLC 201, 2/F Dela Costa Bldg., LST

Board of Examiners:

  • Sr. Ma. Anicia Co, R.V.M., S.T.D., Ph.D. (Second Reader/Principal Examiner)
  • Fr. Victor Nicomedes Nicdao, S.Th.D., Ph.D. (Adviser)
  • Markus Locker, Ph.D., and Moses Jarvis Catan, Ph.D.

Proposal Defense:

29 November 2017

Board of Examiners:

  • Dr. Markus Locker (Adviser)
  • Fr. Felipe Fruto Ramirez, S.J., S.T.D.
  • Sr. Mirasol Navidad, R.S.C.J., Ph.D.
Home » Academic Programs » Theses and Dissertations » Adonis G. Saclolo (Philippines)
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